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Contact Center  Outsourcing for Addiction Treatment Centers 

100% of Treatment Center Revenue is on the Line. Who Answers that Call Matters, More Than You Thought!

You cannot overestimate just how important your admissions department is. If a potential client calls for information and gets a recording or is put on hold, research shows they will either hang up or move on to the next facility on Google. We believe an excellent admissions department can make all the difference between a thriving drug and alcohol treatment program, or one that is struggling to fill a census. S & G Treatment Consulting’s trained admissions coordinators know how to convert calls to clients, and how to connect with families, individuals, and referring clinicians.

S & G Treatment Consulting | Drug and Alcohol rehab and addiction treatment call center | Consulting | marketing company in Port St Lucie, FL

We are experts in the field of substance abuse admissions and offer substance abuse treatment programs the option of contracting with S&G Treatment Consulting to do full time or part-time admissions. Getting a qualified person to agree to go to treatment is only the first step. Getting them to the facility is another. Whether your addiction treatment program is down the road or 3,500 miles away, many factors can change from the moment they agree to come, to their actual admission date. S&G ‘s highly trained and professional admission staff have extensive knowledge in the field of addiction, eating disorders, sexual compulsivity, trauma, mood disorders, dual diagnosis, and family therapy. They are well versed in combating client rebuttals and guiding patients to the help they truly need. 

One of the major issues treatment centers have whether they have been in business for 20 years or are a start-up, is staffing. Your treatment center’s staff can contribute to the success, or failure, of your center. If you are opening a substance abuse treatment center and are new to treatment, you may not understand the importance of qualified admission staffing needs. With skyrocketing advertising & marketing costs, no treatment center can afford to be missing out on lost admissions or missed calls due to being understaffed.


Benefits of Contact Center Outsourcing

  • Money savings – Avoid the capital expenditures associated with creating, managing, and maintaining an in-house addiction treatment contact center – i.e. technology, staffing salaries, overhead, etc. The average annual contact center outsourcing contract represents only a small percentage of the start-up and expansion costs associated with a state-of-the-art contact center. In-house contact centers remain more expensive over the long term with constant upgrades of IT systems and a continual churn of contact center staff.
  • Focus on core competencies – Contact center outsourcing frees up valuable time for your clients and staff, making your addiction treatment center more efficient and rewarding for your patients.

Enhance the quality of your customer service efforts – Contact center outsourcing provides increased business hours, flexible call-handling capacity, no long hold time, and few dropped calls, state-of-the-art automation, and superior operational efficiency, including disaster recovery capabilities.

Features of Call Center Outsourcing:

A dedicated team including an Admissions Manager & Assistant Manager, Team Leads & Contact Center Director 

  • Real-time reporting
  • Anytime monitoring
  • Full access to all staff and data 
  • State-of-the-art equipment, technology, and software
  • Sophisticated technical programming
  • Return on investment.

Maintaining a high-quality addiction treatment contact center takes time and effort

S & G Treatment Consulting | Drug and Alcohol rehab and addiction treatment call center | Consulting | marketing company in Port St Lucie, FL

Often two features you might find you are short of by the end of the day. Outsourcing to a seasoned professional team like the one at S & G Treatment Consulting can raise your drug and alcohol treatment center to the next level without overtaxing you and the rest of your facilities staff. S&G Treatment Consulting helps provide you with an experienced addiction contact center staff designed to propel the facility towards excellence.

We ensure that your contact center is a compassionate yet productive part of your intake process by providing the leadership necessary to truly shine. S&G Treatment Consulting is an expert in contact centers, but we don’t try to push a readymade solution on you. We tailor contact center processes to meet your treatment center’s culture, needs, and business goals. We make sure that it isn’t YOU outsourcing your contact center to us – it’s S&G running YOUR contact center for YOU. It may seem like a small difference, but the approach is completely different – and so are the results. S & G Treatment Consulting is ready to support you in your contact center admissions, as well as other aspects of launching and operating your organization. Discover how you can eliminate your contact center problems today!


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