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Imagine a call center agent capable of smoothly handling up to twice the call volume. An addiction recovery specialist capable of delivering the perfect comforting call to struggling callers, seamlessly; one whose stamina never fades, whose warmth and helpfulness never wane, regardless of call spikes or caller attitudes…
S & G Treatment Consulting | Drug and Alcohol rehab and addiction treatment call center | Consulting | marketing company in Port St Lucie, FL
Picture this…

A contact center or also known as a call center for your addiction treatment facility with a staff that is highly trained and ready to deliver a perfect script. A contact center agent that refuses to have a bad day and the training that will allow them to act professional from the first hello.


The first point of contact is your first impression. The employee at a contact center for an addiction treatment center will have to do more than be just a simple support agent. This person must communicate empathy, show respect, use the right language to not offend the individual, and achieve all this while directing the call to its conclusion successfully – Securing a new individual for your addiction treatment center. These employees are many times the individual’s first point of contact and first impression of your addiction treatment facility. Intense emotions can run high at this first contact so a highly-trained contact center agent for your addiction treatment center is crucial. There is a lot of pressure that comes with this position and with the correct training provided by S&G Treatment Consulting, your contact center can perform like a highly tuned sports car.

Improperly or untrained admission contact center and chat agents lose 75% of potential admissions to your competitors.

When one call can be worth thousands to your treatment center you want a recovery specialist trained in treatment admissions taking your calls or chats. You do not want someone who has several job duties. What you want is an employee that is laser-focused on getting EVERY caller into your substance abuse treatment center. Taking calls and chats for a drug and alcohol rehab center requires intense training, management, and supervision. Just because a person is in recovery, has a sales background, and has completed a treatment program, does not qualify them to take live treatment calls or chats. When the individual calls in, they are usually in a distraught state and need a sympathetic ear. While also directing the call to a mutually beneficial conclusion. This takes practice. Lots of it. S&G Treatment Consulting has years upon years of just that! With S&G Treatment Consulting, ongoing contact center training will help your team optimize their skills and increase overall conversions. With ongoing admissions training, your team will hone their individual strengths while addressing their weaknesses, and develop the tools needed to improve daily. This will build your census for your addiction treatment facility and keep the flow of new individuals coming in your door. If you are serious about growth, then investing in your admissions staff is one of the best places to ensure your success in the addiction treatment industry.

S&G Treatment Consulting is aware of the entire organic client acquisition process as well. An addiction treatment centers Business Development staff is there to drive business to the facility. This is a hand and hand process with Admissions working with Business Development as a team to help deliver a wonderful experience for the individual or family seeking treatment for substance use disorder. If this is completed correctly, the addiction treatment facility will not only bring more individuals into the facility, but it will also help create a positive word of mouth about the overall experience. Overall, the importance of your contact center staff is highly trained cannot be understated. This is the person that helps the individual make the decision to change their life for the better. This is a different type of sales position, so a contact center agent for addiction treatment must be a special type of individual with the drive needed to succeed and help people.

How do you measure the quality of your addiction treatment call center?

S & G Treatment Consulting | Drug and Alcohol rehab and addiction treatment call center | Consulting | marketing company in Port St Lucie, FL
Tracking metrics and placing a scoring system will help define patterns that work, and ones that need to be improved on. This can be time-consuming but it’s what makes a contact center successful or a failure. This helps you make sure that all the individuals that contact your addiction treatment contact center are being treated well, kind, and met with an understanding voice. Using tracking metrics can assure a positive work environment as well as can be used to motivate staff and improve morale throughout the organization.
Contact center training is essential to maintain a smooth and efficient procedure of initial contact to placement. This enables individuals seeking treatment for addiction and substance use disorder to feel more comfortable and ensure that they made the right choice when they make the hard decision to pick up the phone and change their life for the better. S&G Treatment Consulting is here to make sure that every call is a great one!

Remember that employee satisfaction is key to client satisfaction, absenteeism, turnover, & productivity.

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