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Insurance Benefits Verification Services

Insurance benefit verification is one of the services S&G Treatment Consulting can help make an essential part of the intake process streamlined for you. When you need an insurance benefits verification provided for addiction treatment service, we will verify the individual’s current and active medical insurance coverage with their provided insurance company in a fast efficient manner. This will help prevent future billing issues later in the addiction treatment process.

S & G Treatment Consulting | Drug and Alcohol rehab and addiction treatment call center | Consulting | marketing company in Port St Lucie, FL

Since the Affordable Care Act or ACA’s implementation, many addiction treatment providers can find themselves overwhelmed with the process of verifying insurance benefits as an “in-house” function. Over many years, the owners and employees of S&G Treatment Consulting have garnered well-earned experience in this part of the addiction treatment admission process. Efficient benefit verification will help you understand the individual’s insurance policy fully and how the insurance benefits will help this individual seeking treatment for his or her addiction. Getting insurance benefits completed in a timely manner minimizes the downtime patients have to wait before admitting into your facility, which in turn increases your total admissions. S&G’s insurance benefit verification services will increase collection rates, minimize, and reduce non-payments, which will boost the overall individual’s satisfaction with their addiction treatment experience.


When you choose S&G Treatment Consulting to help you with insurance benefit verifications, this leaves you more time to focus on the essential things. Like individual care at your addiction treatment facility and giving each new caller looking for help the time and attention they deserve in their time of need. It is also very important to make sure you always remain HIPPA- compliant. S&G Treatment Consulting is well versed in this area of expertise. Choosing a company such as S&G Treatment Consulting can also help you rest assured that you have selected a business with a working relationship with major insurance providers. Including but not limited to 

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield 
  • United Health Care
  • UMR
  • Harvard Pilgrim

· And many more!

What you should know about our patient eligibility verification process:

Also known as the insurance benefit verification process, it all begins at one point—the contact center. The success or failure of the revenue cycle management process hinges on the first point of contact. So, it would be best if you had someone on the other end of that phone call that has experience in insurance benefit verifications, especially when an individual is seeking addiction treatment.

S&G Treatment Consultants can help your admissions contact center in the following ways:

S & G Treatment Consulting | Drug and Alcohol rehab and addiction treatment call center | Consulting | marketing company in Port St Lucie, FL

The caller will reach our contact center, then through online and verbal insurance verification, we can access all the required information needed to bill the insurance company correctly.  

The team at S&G Treatment Consulting will check the procedure-specific coverage on the insurance benefits and all out-of-pocket expenses that the individual would need. The individual will know from the beginning what is due, so there will be no misunderstandings that can disrupt the most important part – treating the individual’s addiction to addictive substances.


 Our team will also search and obtain every required authorization and referral that will be needed to bill the individual’s insurance company successfully. S&G Treatment Consulting’s process prevents these individuals’ accounts from aging and then becoming uncollectable. 

Insurance benefit verification details we verify include but are not limited to:

Type of plan and coverage details

Payable benefits




Patient policy status

Effective date

Termination Date

Plan exclusions

Health insurance caps

Out of network benefits

In-Network Benefits


S&G Treatment Consulting insurance benefit verification services include experience working with individual states’ specific requirements across a broad spectrum of specialties. This consists of all types of settings such as detox, residential inpatient, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient. We know how to work with all kinds of insurance, including in-network and out of network providers (HMO, PPO & EPO)

S&G Treatment consulting is here to provide you with a seamless service of contact from individual to placement.


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