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Building an addiction treatment center admissions department to help those in need is no easy task. Managing all of the responsibilities of opening a contact center is difficult. There are a lot of moving parts that need to run effectively for all departments to work cohesively in a substance abuse treatment program. Having the right CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in place for your substance abuse contact center can create a flawless process from the initial call to facility admission. Salesforce CRM is a solution that can be configured to manage the day to day activities of an Addiction Treatment Center and transform your daily business operations.

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At S&G Treatment Consulting our Salesforce consultants and Salesforce Certified Administrators and Developers have years of experience in Salesforce customization specializing in Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers. They will help you maximize the full potential of your Salesforce Org and automate daily processes to speed up your admissions department for your Substance Abuse Treatment Center.

Salesforce consulting services are aimed to support your admissions, marketing, reporting, and internal communication needs. We apply our extensive CRM consulting experience to help treatment professionals benefit from Salesforce and tailor the CRM to their facility’s specific needs. If you plan to implement Salesforce or improve your existing org, S&G Treatment Consulting provides a comprehensive consulting approach, which includes:

Defining which business objectives Salesforce is to support. Whether you need to enable reports with increased visibility for users across your organization, create ease of use and productivity for agents, email marketing campaigns, automate your admissions-related processes, or integrate with Kipu and insurance verification software, Salesforce consulting helps to address your challenges timely and efficiently.


Mapping business objectives into Salesforce features. This takes place after your business goals are clear. Now it is time to choose your Salesforce functionality (either default or custom) to achieve them.


 Designing sales, customer service, and marketing processes in Salesforce Sales, Service, and Marketing Clouds. For instance, we automate admissions and business development workflows, create personalized admissions journeys, create targeted email campaigns, and do a lot more to help our clients reach their business goals with Salesforce.

Salesforce is a powerful data measurement tool. Usually, Salesforce is the primary software used by the entire admissions and marketing departments to help understand what marketing strategies have been successful and which have not. With salesforce, you can run detailed reports to know which business development representatives are producing the best results, which ads are driving the most phone calls, which pages on your website are creating the most admissions, and so much more. Salesforce is fully customizable to fit your facility’s particular needs. At S&G Treatment Consulting, We offer customization services to help implement Salesforce and teach you how to use it so your entire company can benefit from understanding the data and overall maximize the efficiency of your employees

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