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Many changes are occurring in addiction treatment center marketing. There is massive competition for substance abuse treatment centers that are looking to buy into marketing lead generation. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technological science of getting your addiction treatment center website to rank higher in Google for the search terms that convert into leads, and ultimately admissions.

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SEO is the process by which a website is improved or optimized to perform better in search results. Drug rehab SEO is critical to drug rehab lead generation. It has become the single most important factor to lead generation for addiction treatment centers. Because SEO changes so often, it takes a lot of work and dedication to keep up with it and to keep websites current and ranking well. Traditional marketing and advertising methods are rapidly losing their effectiveness. They are also expensive. It is no longer realistic for a drug and alcohol rehab center to pay thousands of dollars for outdated advertising methods–money that would be better spent on treating patients or updating its facilities.

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment SEO and marketing can give you increased website traffic, form forms, phone calls, chats, and help you reach more potential patients in need of your help – and it can do all this in less time and at a cheaper price. Your facility also does not want to use intrusive methods to advertise to potential patients, but you certainly want to effectively and quickly reach local individuals who need your help and services. SEO will help you rank at the top of searches for the keywords and phrases most relevant to your addiction treatment center, allowing you to effectively reach the clients who need you immediately. The right SEO helps the clients in most need of help find you faster.

At S&G Treatment Consulting we have years of experience in the sales process that takes place online when potential patients are seeking drug and alcohol treatment services. We are experts in the field of addiction treatment SEO and know that almost all the people searching for rehab programs want to know where your facility is located and if your facility accepts their health insurance.   Not only do we specialize in online marketing and SEO for addiction treatment centers, but we also take the time to learn about your facility specifically.

Another integral aspect of addiction treatment SEO—and most likely the most difficult part—is the number of websites linking back to your website. Backlinks continue to be the most important ranking factor when building the SEO of your drug and alcohol rehab center. Off-page SEO is often overlooked, but essentially, the most important part of any campaign. Websites that link to your website increase your site’s authority and reliability. Essentially, the more websites that link to yours, the more trustworthy it appears to Google and potential patients. Writing great content is not enough. The reality is that plenty of other drug rehabs take the time to write great content. Backlinks are the way Google deciphers in which content is more credible.

Whether you are operating a detox center, an inpatient rehabilitation center, a sober living facility, outpatient program, or a combination of them all, S&G Treatment Consulting will take the guesswork out of determining the best path for your organization when it comes to identifying your needs and how to take over your competition in search engine results. You should not have to worry about whether people are seeing your website; your focus should be on helping patients with addictions and substance abuse problems. Leave the rest up to us.

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